Growth Generalist - Temporary

Charles Cleyn is looking to hire a Growth Generalist to help build out the 2018 Growth Strategy


Who is charles Cleyn?

Charles Cleyn is a technology entrepreneur, musician, investor, and experienced growth hacker. He was an early employee at Shopify where he helped the team grow to an IPO. He left Shopify as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Marketing Officer.

Charles is now a full time musician and entrepreneur. His mission is simple, to become a recognized musician, and build an community online that inspires people to fulfill their dreams. He is currently looking to expand his team by hiring employee #1.

What does the 2018 Growth strategy entail?

The 2018 growth strategy includes building an audience on Youtube of 1+ million subscribers. In order to do this, Charles and YOU will both be working directly together to build a Youtube content strategy that will acquire subscribers and build a community to inspire people to follow their dreams.

What will I learn and Why would I want this Role?

You will work directly with Charles, who is an experienced business person and growth hacker. He will teach you everything he knows and YOU will teach him everything you know. Together you will be a powerful team. You might want this role because you're looking to build skills in multiple areas, be a strong generalist, learn new things, and have the opportunity to be part of something really big. 

What would I do if I got the job?

You would be focused on growth, helping with content ideation, and sometimes some video filming work.

The first priority would be focused on growing our Youtube audience. The key metrics and feedback loops would be subscribers and watch time. 

The second priority would be keeping an organized content calendar of ideas that we would need to film in the coming weeks and months.

The third priority would be helping me film some of the video series episodes. I try to film as many as I can by myself but I will need your help some times.


Charles Cleyn Office

What experience do I Need?

The most important thing is that you are keen and enthusiastic to learn and make mistakes. 

You don't have to be super smart but you need to be ambitious.

Ideally you have some experience with Youtube growth marketing.

You should be able to understand funnel optimization and know how to drive action by looking at data and metrics.


What is the Pay and the hours of work?

We will discuss this in person. I think the best option is to start with a few hours/days and see if we enjoy working together. If there is a good fit, we can look at a more permanent solution.


Where is the office located?

I work out of The Factory in Berlin. It is a great space and you can join me there. 



Interested in applying?


We don't need a resume. We would prefer to hear why you want this job in 2 or 3 sentences or bullet points. Please send them to and we will be in touch.