Charles Cleyn
Charles Cleyn
Canadian pop musician and singer songwriter

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Canadian singer-songwriter Charles Cleyn returns with emotive new single 'What Love Is' September 27th. Produced by Ainsley Adams (Adele, Jessie J, The Kooks) and co-written by Charlie Grant, Charles Cleyn blends acoustic guitars with electronic synths to create his unique, upbeat pop sound.



Let’s toss a couple letters out there. R is for relentless. A is for ambitious. U is for unyielding. All of these are perfect adjectives for Cleyn.



Today we stumbled across Ottawa’s own Charles Cleyn who just debuted the video for his song Decisions. The clip, directed by Marko Montana, tugs at the heartstrings and was the winner of the Berlin Music Video Awards, Vegas Pro Competition.



Lovely folk-pop singer-songwriter music. Reminds me of Damien Rice and Dan Mangan.



Between his music, his look, and his cute and candid videos, we can see with a lot of work how Charles could make his way into being the next big Canadian export.



There is absolutely no reason why “Decisions”, the debut single by Charles Cleyn, couldn’t become one of this Summer’s big hits. The alluring pop track pulls all the right strings like lovely melody, pleasing guitar strumming, impressive harmonies, versatile vocals and a killer hook. All this makes “Decisions” a rather irresistible song, one that should find its ways to playlists and club DJs alike. 




I really enjoyed the lyrics to the song and found myself humming it after listening to his song. It really does stick with you, it's such a catchy tune and I have to admit the videoclip caught me off guard a little as I didn't expect to get teary-eyed whilst watching the first part of it.



‘Decisions’ is a charming warm little ditty that glides and bounces with golden heart warming bliss. Its sweet melody swoons upon a delicate guitar strummed backdrop before building into a singalong ready passionate chorus.