Hi Tom,


I’m glad you made it this far…

I’ve watched your videos and have read as much as I can on you. I admire the work you do and the artists you support.

I would like to be one of those artists.

I’m a Canadian singer songwriter and I’d like to start a conversation with The Feldman Agency to be on your roster.

My music is picking up in Europe. Specifically, Berlin. I’m independent. I’ve won a Berlin Music Video Award and I am writing songs for BMG artists in Berlin. Yuck. I don’t like talking about myself. But, how else could I get this across?

I’m working with a Grammy award winning producer in Berlin to make my 2019 album. I know this doesn’t really mean much but I’m trying to get across that I’m serious, and very driven to become a recognized musician.

If I can have 5 min of your time on the phone, I want to show you how we could be a a great team and obviously prove all this to you.

I’ve started the fire but I need gasoline to become a raging fire. The Feldman Agency is my gasoline.

Tom, let’s chat, just text me or email me and I’ll respond immediately.

charlescleyn@gmail.com or 1-647-535-7753

I’d love to look back on this day and say, “hey, remember the time I micro-targeted you with an ad on linkedin?”