Charles Cleyn is a Canadian indie folk singer songwriter. In 2018, he left a corporate tech job and moved to Berlin to pursue music full-time.

Since then, he's been writing, recording, and performing all over Europe and Canada, releasing 3 EP's, picking up a Berlin Music Video Award, and being listed in the top 10 for one of Nashville’s biggest songwriting contests.

Charles' songwriting draws people in with relatable lyrics of optimism, confidence, and personal struggle which many people connect with right away because of his relaxed stage presence. Charles has documented most of his process from leaving the tech world to pursue music and through this has built a large following on YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers.

He is currently writing and recording his debut full length album. "I'm taking my time to write songs that really hit me deep and give me an emotional response because I want people to feel something from it too." He plans to write over 200 songs to find the perfect 10 that will have the potential to make an impact on someone's life.