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Chip Abernathy

After speaking with two different professionals in the recording industry in Nashville about how to learn to record at home, both recommended first learning GarageBand and then after I’m proficient at that, moving on to Logic Pro. Fortunately, I found Charles Cleyn’s GarageBand course. I have to say that his teaching style, method, and the way he organizes learning makes this complicated endeavor actually quite doable and enjoyable. Also, I couldn’t believe how low the price was for what you get! I strongly recommend this course.

Andrew Levkoff

Just because GarageBand is free with Apple products doesn't mean it's simple. It is a complex and thorough digital audio workstation. If you want to explore its depths, I highly recommend Charles Cleyn's GarageBand for Beginners. Charles' conversational style and logically arranged lessons saved me hours of digging on my own. If you are new to composing online, Cleyn's course is a small investment with a big return. Get it.

Chris Perkins

What can I say about Charles? I feel like I know him after weeks of following his lessons. He seems friendly, funny, and self-effacing. You can tell he is passionate about music and that passion permeates his lessons. He has structured the course in a logical progression that allows you to stop and start at your own pace. He gets you up and running quickly, then in the latter part of the course brings it all together. I got much more out of this course than I expected, and I think it is a screaming deal for anyone looking to learn GarageBand. I highly recommend Charles’s course to anyone interested in learning GarageBand.

Jenel C

Charles did an amazing job of taking you through Logic Pro course, step by step. I now have a very solid understanding of the interface and can easily record a song from start to finish with different elements after taking this course. I would highly recommend this course to any upcoming songwriter or producer. It was absolutely worth the money.

Denis Crăciunescu

I really enjoyed Charles' teaching style. It was always a balance of "here is how pros do it" and "here's how I personally do it", which really made me start thinking in terms of "here's how I'll be doing it". I guess music is always personal and it's not a cookbook that we can all follow. I think Charles is well aware of that, but it's incredibly fulfilling to have something at the end of the course. The course really got me through the whole process, which I could follow along with and implement myself. Now I already have a song sent on TuneCore and waiting for its distribution. I think there are some sections that could be a bit more condensed. It was really helpful to see how Charles did everything, but it felt like we didn't make much progress balancing frequencies for 30 minutes, which was really specific to his song. Overall, it was definitely one of the best resources that got me into music-making.


Brian Hamilton

I found Charles' course to be very helpful in getting me up to speed. I like how it is structured and the topics build on past lectures. The lectures are focused on individual topics so it’s not hard to get through them in a single session. They aren’t overwhelming. The exercises are also helpful since learning by doing is more effective than just watching videos.

Mit Sandru

Charles' courses are very good and I've learned a lot. I'm starting from ground zero learning Logic Pro but the courses are great and I enjoy that I can review them again and again until I grasp the concepts.

Robert Davies

I have gone through about half of the course and it's not exactly what I was hoping for. I'm a jazz musician and I was looking for more theoretical help. I did enjoy Charles teaching style, however, the content wasn't what I needed right now. I decided to email Charles and ask for a refund. He happily returned my money in full.

Rhea Borja

I signed up for Charles' GarageBand course because I wanted to learn how to add different types of instrumentation to my songs, quickly, and easily in a way that's more digestible and shareable to other people. I like how you can take lessons in bite sized chunks, Charles takes you by the hand and doesn't overwhelm you. I also enjoy how you can rewind the videos if you didn't learn something the first time and play around with the lesson. I'd recommend this course to anyone.

Jeff Oster

If you're considering taking the GarageBand course, do it. I looked around on Youtube to find ways to learn GarageBand, when I came across Charles' free training, I thought it was impressive and time well spent. Then I decided to take his course. His passion for songwriting and music is outstanding. I have lots to learn still and I'm making my way through the course but Charles is an outstanding teacher and he loves to teach. He is a gifted producer and musician. I find myself going back to the questions over and over and I hope if you're thinking about doing this, that it's money well spent. With Charles class, you definitely get what you pay for. I highly recommend it.

Lynn Dezelon

Way worth it. I've recommend to several other people and a friend of mine just started it as well. I've never done any producing but I found Charles on Youtube. He holds your hand through it, he doesn't assume things, he explains how he is doing stuff and why he's doing it. The examples are phenomenal and I love how it's very step by step. The kajabi course layout makes it super easy to find lessons. I'm now doing things that I've never ever dreamed I would. Thanks Charles, it's a heck of a product and I highly recommend it!


The course is comprehensive and well-organized and delivered in a user-friendly manner. It can be either an introduction or a review, and presents information in increments so that you can be successful in your experience. It is well worth the price of the course. Charles shows the path to working with an amazing product, Logic Pro.

Bernt Ove Nilsen Hennestad

Great course Charles. Your educational mediation is really good. Logical, soothing, and easy to understand. Well worth my time and money:), Thanks.

Flore Lameloise

I was hesitating between 2 courses. The "Up and Coming" and the "Professional". I decided to go with the Up and Coming course. I've watched most of the course and I was happy with the quality but I've realized that it's not the right fit for me. I'm an advanced producer and this seemed more focused for the beginner/intermediate. I told Charles and he happily refunded my money.

Steven Parker

You have a gift for instruction. I have actually deferred a Masters in Music in favour of doing your course at this time. And I don’t regret at all. Love the “press this press that” approach and even though I have got a fair bit of knowledge already the confirmation and occasional surprise is well worth it.

Spiros Stamatiou

I've gone through most of the course and as a music marketer, I feel like this is aimed strongly towards artists (which it should!). The course is great, really impressed but not for me as I'm looking for for content to help me as an Artist Manager. I emailed Charles and asked for a refund, he returned my money in full."

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