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GarageBand for Beginners

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I Teach. Not Show.

There are many music courses that never, truly teach. Rather, it's a show boating exercise of what the instructor knows. I felt myself getting frustrated after leaving these courses asking myself, "why" or "but how?" In this course, I will teach you. Then we'll put everything into action by making a song from scratch.

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GarageBand For Beginners


  • 50+ lessons
  • Slow teaching style
  • Learn the fundamentals of GB
  • Create a professional song
  • Mix and Master
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I Teach. You Learn. We Both Create.

Over this course, I'm going to teach you how to work within GarageBand. I'll teach you the interface, how to record, how to mix, and ultimately how to make professional music.

After I teach you GarageBand, we're going to put everything we've learned into practice and create a song from scratch. We'll mix and master this song and make it sound professional. Of course, you will have access to the song I create.

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What Do People Say About My Teaching Style?

On my youtube channel, this is what people have to say about my teaching style:

Meet Your Teacher

Hi everyone, I'm Charles. I'm a professional singer, songwriter, and producer. To date, I’ve released and produced over 100+ songs. Not to mention, I’ve written over 500. I’ve toured North America and Europe and now I’m living in Canada with my family. Music and teaching are my passions.

I’ve been creating music since I was a kid. When I first started with GarageBand, I had ZERO idea what I was doing. I remember recording vocals with my apple air pods, thinking this was how you do it! Over the years, I practiced, learned from professionals, and eventually I started to get better.

Now, I want to teach you, so if you've been wanting to create music for a long time, let's get started!


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