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In this course, I will teach you instead of showing you. If you're not familiar with my teaching style or tone then feel free to watch the hundreds of free videos that I have on my YouTube channel.


Everything For The Home Studio Musician

The Basics

I will teach you the fundamentals of Logic Pro and home studio recording so you will feel comfortable to create the music you've always wanted to from your home.


I will write a song with you from scratch and I'll teach you the fundamentals of popular songwriting, with a focus on lyrics and melody.


I will produce a song with you from scratch. I'll record vocals, guitars, synths, drums and much more. Teaching you how to make your productions sound fresh and modern.

Mixing and Mastering

We will mix and master a song together from scratch. Looking at all aspects of a great mix: volume, equalization, reverb, delay, compression, distortion and more.

What's Inside?

Here are some brief previews on what to expect on the inside


automating reverb to fill gaps:

creating catchy melodic ideas:

making vocals and harmonies pop out:

cleaning up a muddy mix:

A preview of the song we create...

This is a preview of the song that we write, produce, mix, and master from scratch.

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By Charles Cleyn
Break This Chain

An Added Bonus...

Music Distribution

Discounts to major distributions companies to release your newly created song. Including Tunecore, DistroKid, and Ditto.


A 10% discount on all Baby Audio plugins with many more discounts to come. You'll have access at anytime.

Music Marketing

A $40.00 coupon to run spotify playlist promotion with playlist-promotion and a 3 month discount to Linkfire.

You Decide Your Learning Path



  • Learn Logic Pro
  • Beginner friendly
  • 70+ lessons
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Introduction to production




Choose Starter

Up and Coming


  • Includes everything in Starter
  • Write a song from scratch
  • Produce a song from scratch
  • Learn "production" mixing
  • Catchy lyrics and melodies
  • Clean and professional vocal recordings
  • Create authentic sounds


Choose Up and Coming



  • Includes everything in Starter
  • Includes everything in Up and Coming
  • Mix a song from scratch
  • Master for online streaming
  • 30+ hours of video
  • Practical lessons
  • Modern mix and master
  • Learn professional FX
Choose Professional

Only interested in mixing? Click here for a mixing course.

What Path Is Right For You?



  • Logic Pro focused
  • Beginner friendly
  • 70+ lessons
  • Learn the fundamentals


This is a great course for beginners or intermediates. The focus of this course is on Logic Pro and fundamentals of home recording. If you're new to Logic and hoping to become really good, really fast, then this course is for you. I will break down everything you need to know in Logic to make music from your home. This course is less about songwriting and production but more about tools and fundamentals. However, I will be showing examples on how to use this in practice with one of my own songs.

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Up and Coming


  • Everything in Starter
  • Write from scratch
  • Produce from scratch
  • Find authentic sounds

Up and Coming

In this course, you will get everything in the Starter course. It could be a great add on if you're looking to learn songwriting and production. I will write a song from scratch and teach you how I'm doing it, what I'm thinking about and why I approach it in the way I do. Once the songwriting is complete, I will produce the song. In this course, I skip on teaching the fundamentals, for instance, teaching effects or recording because I suspect you know this or because you've already learned it in the Starter course.

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  • Includes all courses
  • 130+ lessons
  • 30+ hours of video
  • Fully mixed and mastered song


This is the course I suggest you take. Not because it is the most expensive or has the best value but because I cover everything. The fundamentals all the way up to a finished song. We will cover the basics in Logic Pro, the fundamentals of home recording, we'll write and produce a song from scratch, and then we will mix and master the song for release. Throughout this journey you’re going to learn a ton and I promise you that, by the end, you’ll feel comfortable to create the music you’ve always wanted.

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100+ Happy Students

Mark Diotallevi

Having made extensive use of Charles Youtube videos, I was already expecting great things from this course. The sessions were very clear and helpful. The course has made a big difference in my ability to use LPX, whether recording, editing or mixing. I am thinking of moving on to the next course when I complete the Starter course.

Chris Perkins

What can I say about Charles? I feel like I know him after weeks of following his lessons. He seems friendly, funny, and self-effacing. You can tell he is passionate about music and that passion permeates his lessons. He has structured the course in a logical progression that allows you to stop and start at your own pace. He gets you up and running quickly, then in the latter part of the course brings it all together. I got much more out of this course than I expected, and I think it is a screaming deal for anyone looking to learn Garageband. I highly recommend Charles’s course to anyone interested in learning Garageband.

Mit Sandru

Charles' courses are very good and I've learned a lot. I'm starting from ground zero learning Logic Pro but the courses are great and I enjoy that I can review them again and again until I grasp the concepts.

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Who Is Your Instructor?

My name is Charles. I'm a full time songwriter, producer, and performer. However, teaching is my passion. I have a home studio in Canada, where I live with my family, I've recorded and produced hundreds of songs and collaborated with well known artists all around the world. You can find my own songs on Spotify or YouTube and, of course, you can always reach out to me on Instagram or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Lifetime Access and Free Updates

You will have lifetime access to all courses. Learn at your own pace and in your own time. When course videos become out of date, I will update, and you’ll receive these free of charge.

Song Feedback and Questions

You will have priority access to my Youtube Live sessions to ask all your questions. Each session, I will provide detailed feedback on a song.

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