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This is a course.

Not a "fly on the wall" session.

I will teach you how to mix. I will not "show you how to mix". We'll start with the fundamentals before rushing into anything and move through the mixing concepts so you'll never feel lost. If you're not familiar with my teaching style or tone then feel free to check out the hundreds of free videos that I have on my YouTube channel.

One Simple Price.

Mixing Course


  • 45+ lessons
  • Mix along with me
  • Mix a song from scratch
  • Lifetime access
  • Fresh and modern sound
  • Focus on clarity, depth, and width
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Learn The Mixing Fundamentals.


I'll teach you what plugins you'll need to be successful with mixing and the appropriate paid and free alternatives. It's not what you have but what you know.


The biggest fundamental in mixing a song. I'll teach you how to know when you're right and how to prioritize the elements in your mix with volume.


The hardest fundamental to get right for beginners. I'll show you how to start as a beginner that will quickly tune your ear in order to use EQ properly.


I'll show you how to use reverb and delay in a professional manner and how it could make or break your mix. It's the simple stuff that sometimes is the hardest to get right.

An Inside Preview...


Perfecting the lead vocal:

Automating reverb for attention:

Getting rid of "mud" in your mix:

Glueing your mix together:

The only 3 plugins you need:

A Preview Of The Song We'll Be Mixing...

By Charles Cleyn
Break This Chain

Need Some More Info?

Mixing Course


  • 45+ lessons
  • Mix with me at the same time
  • Mix from scratch
  • Modern sounding mix
  • Clarity, balance, width, and warm

Mixing Course

This course is made with the beginner in mind but we will slowly move into intermediate and advanced topics in order to have a professionally mixed song.

I will give you the files I’m mixing so we can mix the song together. You follow along with me, step by step. The benefit is, you have these lessons forever. If you’re a beginner, you can start small and watch, re-watch, until you feel comfortable moving on. We will mix a song completely from scratch. Covering everything you need to know to get a modern and professional mix.

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An Added Bonus...

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Music Marketing

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Who Is Your Instructor?

My name is Charles. I'm a full time songwriter, producer, and performer. However, teaching is my passion. I have a home studio in Canada, where I live with my family, I've recorded and produced hundreds of songs and collaborated with well known artists all around the world. You can find my own songs on Spotify or YouTube and, of course, you can always reach out to me on Instagram or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

What People Say About My Teaching Style

"You are a true teacher. Seriously, not everyone has this gift Charles! It is so smooth and easy to follow along"
"Charles is such a brilliant teacher! He hits every area and potential stumbling block and thinks of all the tiny queries or things that might confuse you along the way"
"I've learned so much more than any other video I've watched. You are very clear and explain it all thoroughly"

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