How To Import MP3 Files In GarageBand

Apr 04, 2022
How To Import MP3 Files Into GarageBand

Let's look at how to import MP3 files in GarageBand. You can also import midi files or any other type of audio files using this same method.

By the way, if you'd rather watch a video on importing files into GarageBand then you can do so here:



First open up an empty project in GarageBand or continue in the current GarageBand session you're working in.

Typically, you might think of looking in the File menu. For example, File  > Import Files. However, in GarageBand the method is drag and drop.

Therefore, open a mac finder window and locate the MP3 file or files that you would like to import.

In this example, I will import a guitar loop file in my downloads folder.

Click on the file and drag it into your GarageBand session. 

Important note: If you a large session with many tracks then be sure to drag the file at the bottom of the GarageBand session window. Note that in this example, we can drag the file anywhere in the session because there are no tracks.



A common issue that you might run into is if your mac finder window is too large. This will inhibit you from being able to drag it beyond the finder window and into GarageBand. A quick fix is to reduce the size of your mac finder window before you drag MP3, wav, or midi files into GarageBand.

Once you've imported your files then it's time to start making music!

If you are starting a song from scratch then be sure to adjust the project tempo to the tempo of your file. For instance, if your MP3 or Wav file has a tempo of 97 then be sure to adjust it in the top menu bar.

This will set the foundation to build instrumentation on top.



Have fun creating and let us know if you have any questions :)


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