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Baby Audio

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Landr Studio

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I will teach you my 6 pillars to learning Logic Pro in order to help you become a more productive producer.

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Make The Music You've Always Wanted

Hi there, my name is Charles. I'm a songwriter, producer, performer, and teacher. I've taught hundreds of students, just like you, who are interested in getting better at GarageBand, Logic Pro, Songwriting, Production, or Mixing/Mastering. I would love to be your teacher as well. Have a look at some of my courses below. If you want to hear my teaching style, you can watch the hundreds of free youtube videos I have online.

GarageBand For Beginners


  • 50+ lessons
  • Learn the fundamentals 
  • Slow teaching style
  • Produce a song from scratch
  • Mix and Master
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Course Bundles


  • 130+ Lessons
  • 30+ hours
  • Logic Pro
  • Songwriting and Production
  • Mixing and Mastering
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Mixing Course


  • 45+ lessons
  • Mix along with me
  • Mix a song from scratch
  • Fresh and modern sound
  • Focus on clarity, depth, and width
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Music Marketing


  • 35+ Lessons
  • SEO and Paid Marketing
  • Convert Followers
  • Cohesive Brand
  • The Power of Email
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