Waves Plugins For Logic Pro | Top 7 Plugins For Vocals

Nov 26, 2023
Waves Plugins For Logic Pro


When it comes to music production, the vocals play a crucial role in determining the song's overall quality. They are the bridge between the lyrics and the melody, and they have the power to grab the listener's attention and convey the emotions of the song. However, achieving a polished vocal sound is not an easy task; it requires a combination of talent, skill, and the right tools.

Logic Pro's stock plugins are undoubtedly powerful and versatile. Still, third-party specialist plugins offer unique and innovative ways to enhance and manipulate your vocals that you may not find in the built-in tools.

That's where Waves plugins come in. Waves is a renowned company in the world of audio engineering, and they offer a wide range of powerful plugins that can help you take your vocals to the next level. Whether you're looking to fix a problematic recording, enhance the tonal quality, or add creative effects, Waves has something for you.

Waves plugins are fully compatible with this powerful DAW. And if you’re new to using VST plugins in Logic Pro, get yourself started by checking out my step-by-step guide on installing VST plugins in Logic Pro. Without further ado, here are my top picks for the best Waves plugins for vocals in Logic Pro:



1. DeBreath: The Breath Remover Plugin For Professional Vocals


This plugin automatically detects and removes breaths from your vocal recordings, saving you hours of manual editing. DeBreath analyzes your vocals in real-time and reduces the volume of the breaths without affecting the natural tone and resonance of your voice. 

You can adjust the sensitivity and the amount of reduction to suit your preference—making it great for cleaning up vocal tracks and making your vocals sound more professional.


2. PuigTec EQ: Emulating The Legendary Pultec EQ Units


This bundle of two plugins emulates the legendary Pultec EQ units, known for their warm and musical sound. The PuigTec EQP-1A is ideal for boosting the high-end of your vocals, while the MEQ-5 is perfect for shaping the mid-range

The PuigTec EQs allow you to make generous boosts without sounding harsh or unnatural, as they add some subtle saturation and harmonics to the signal. EQing your vocals makes them shine and stand out in the mix.


3. CLA-2A: The Smooth And Transparent Vocal Compressor


This is a plugin that models the classic LA-2A compressor, which is one of the most popular vocal compressors of all time. The CLA-2A is a smooth and transparent compressor that evens out your vocals' dynamics while adding warmth and depth3. 

The CLA-2A is very easy to use, as it only has two main knobs: gain and peak reduction. You can use the CLA-2A as your first compressor in your vocal chain to tame the peaks and level the volume of your vocals.


4. Ovox: The Ultimate Vocal Effects Plugin


This powerful plugin lets you create amazing vocal effects, such as vocoding, autotune, harmonies, and more. You can use Ovox to turn your voice into a synth, a guitar, or anything else you can imagine. 

Ovox is very easy to use, as it doesn’t require a MIDI keyboard or any external input. You just need to sing into your microphone and tweak the parameters to get your desired sound. Ovox is perfect for adding some spice and creativity to your vocal tracks.



5. Sibilance: The Intelligent De-Esser for Clear Vocals


This plugin intelligently reduces the harsh ‘s’ sounds from your vocals without affecting the clarity and brightness of your voice. Sibilance uses a new technology called Organic Resynthesis, which preserves your vocals' natural character and timbre while removing unwanted sibilance. 

You can control the threshold, the range of the reduction, and the output level. Sibilance is excellent for smoothing out your vocal tracks and making them sound more pleasant to the ears.


6. J37: Emulating the Famous Tape Machine for Rich Vocals


This plugin emulates the famous J37 tape machine, which many artists and engineers, such as the Beatles, used in the 1960s and '70s. The J37 plugin adds analog warmth, saturation, and compression to your vocals, making them sound richer and fuller. 

You can choose from four different tape formulas, each with its sonic character. You can also use the built-in tape delay unit, adding space and depth to your vocals. The J37 plugin is great for adding some vintage vibe and color to your vocal tracks.


7. Butch Vig: The All-in-One Vocal Processing Plugin with Attitude


This is a plugin that gives you the signature sound of Butch Vig, the legendary producer behind Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, and many more. The Butch Vig plugin is a one-stop-shop for vocal processing, as it includes a compressor, an EQ, a de-esser, a saturator, a limiter, and a widener

You can use the Butch Vig plugin to shape your vocals in various ways, from subtle enhancement to radical transformation. The Butch Vig plugin is great for adding some attitude and energy to your vocal tracks.


Final Thoughts on the Best Waves Plugins for Vocals

Waves plugins are a valuable addition to any vocal production toolkit. When used in combination with the proper technique, they can help you achieve professional-sounding vocals that stand out from the crowd. 

However, acquiring the best plugins is just the beginning. Whether you are new to Logic Pro or want to improve your skills, I recommend checking out my Free 6 Pillars To Learn Logic Pro Faster. This course lays the foundation to become more efficient and creative in your Logic Pro projects. 

Combining this course's knowledge with the power of Waves plugins allows you to take your vocal productions to the next level and achieve your musical goals.


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